I’m a South American artist living in Germany. 

I’m trained as a Botanical Artist in traditional mediums, such as watercolour, ink and graphite. Gilding application is also a technique I enjoy using in my artwork, as much as I enjoy painting on Vellum (Pergament).

The use of Procreate, Affinity Design, A. Publisher and Photoshop help complement my illustrations, and infographics for commercial or private purposes.

My love for nature goes beyond plants and flowers, I also enjoy illustrating pollinators and natural environments.

I’m constantly studying and researching to inform my work better, taking plant biology small courses as well as ecology courses.

If you’re a private collector, an agency, a science researcher or you need illustrations for your Print-on-demand products, you can hire my services as a freelance botanical artist or illustrator.

You can contact me through this email 

I speak Spanish, English and some basic German.


  • “Ellas illustran Botánica”, Exhibition Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, 2024.

  • Online Exhibition, ABA botanical artists, 2022.

  • Exhibition at Atelier Creacolor, Chile, 2017.

Other Important dates

  • 2017, Started accepting pet portait private commissions.
  • 2017, Opened my art studio to the public offering workshops and private classes.
  • 2018, Sold work in a couple of small art galleries, Craft fairs and Christmas Fairs in my city in Chile.
  • 2019, Offered workshops in other cities.
  • 2019, Worked in several 1,20 x 1,50 mt. and triptychs in acrylic and or oil painting private commissions. Sold a couple of artwork abroad (Germany)
  • 2019, Commercial work for merchandise, and weddings. I also did my own line of patterns from watercolour-to fabric-to- pouches and Tote bags to sell in Craft fairs.
  • 2020, Moved from Chile to Germany.
  • 2021-2023 Studied Diploma in Botanical art from the Society of Botanical Artists in UK. Graduated with credit. At the same time did small commissions in watercolour for pets and plants.
  • 2024 I’m currently working on a series of paintings of Orchids.
  • 2024 I’m selling my work through Saatchi art. But open to commissions and possibly other online or in person galleries.