“Not just a pineapple”


Pineapple in coloured pencils in size A3


In “Not just a pineapple”, you’ll find a pineapple like no other.

Using colored pencils, every inch of this fruit is drawn with such detail that you can almost taste its sweetness and feel its prickly skin.

The pineapple shines with a golden glow, making it look almost magical. But take a closer look, and you’ll see even more—tiny bumps and lines covering its surface, just like in real life.
This artwork isn’t just about the pineapple’s looks. It’s a celebration of nature’s gifts and how we’re all connected to it. Pineapples come from warm places like South America (like me!), and they’ve always symbolized warmth and friendship.

If you’re someone who loves nature and wants to support artists who care about the environment, then this pineapple is for you!
Buying this artwork means you’re not just getting something beautiful for your home—you’re also helping to protect our planet.

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Size DIN A3


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